10 DIY to Re-purpose Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is officially over by now, which means you already received those beautiful bouquets of flowers and chocolates from your love one. Now we know what happens to the chocolates… they get eaten right away. But what about those beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers? Well lucky for you, I rounded up DIY tips to re-purpose those dried petals.

1 diy dried flowers in glass bottle

1. Dried Flowers in Glass Bottle: I’m sure every girl who watched Disney’s Beauty & The Beast dreams of displaying a flower in their rooms like Beast had (minus the curse). Now you can display your dried flowers a la Beauty and the Beast style by encasing them in a glass jar. (via Wedding Chicks).

2 Dried Flower Backdrop

2. Dried Flower Backdrop: This dried flower wall decor is a great way to get ready for spring. Showcase your Valentine’s Day flower arrangement by hanging them in lines. This accent wall will surely grab any visitor’s attention. (via Lave Laundry)

3 diy soap

3. Marigold, Honey, and Oatmeal Soap: Dried flowers are the perfect addition for any cleanser. Not only do they give it color and a great smell, but most flowers do amazing things for your skin! This combination is great because the marigolds soothe, the honey moisturizes, and the oatmeal exfoliates. (via Country Living)

4 dried shadow box

4. Dried Shadow Box: Shadow boxes are a perfect way to create any type of keepsake. This a beautiful way to hold onto any bouquet that has a special meaning, and also creates a nice focal piece as wall art. (via Merchant Circle)

5 Dried Flower Potpourri

5. Dried Flower Potpourri: You have probably seen this by your mother or grandmother before, whether you like it or not you have to agree potpourri serves as a great way to freshen your home, but also has an aesthetic factor. Incorporate some bright petals into your potpourri and display it as a center piece in a shallow glass vase. (via Free People)

6 Pressed Flower Coasters

6. Pressed Flower Coasters: Now these are great colors to see on a gloomy day in SF. We are all about the idea of revamping a set of old coasters with some colorful petals. (via Lowes)

7 Floral Confetti

7. Floral Confetti: Dried flowers + confetti = a must for any party. This is a great party hack for outdoor weddings, baby showers, or even a casual shindig. Hey! Why not? ;) (via Bridal Musings)

8 Paper Sleeve Roses

8. Paper Sleeve Roses: The winner for most simple yet still extremely chic goes to this rustic DIY display of roses. Simply create a cone out of newspaper or old book pages, add some twine, and hang. (via Haikey)

9 DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case

9. DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case: Okay, this is absolutely jaw dropping. I am sooo in love with very aspect of this DIY. What better way to hold onto those flowers than incorporating them onto something that is always at your side? (via Clare McGibbon)

10 Dried Flower Mani

10. Dried Flower Mani: We are the generation of nail arts and I sure I’m not the only one who will totally get obsessed with the idea of incorporating dried flowers! This is a great DIY mani post Valentine’s Day. (via Deviant Art)

What are your favorite ways to use dried flowers? Share it below. 

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