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What Do You Think of Shoes with Socks Trend?

The last time I used socks as an accessory I was in high school. I studied in a private school with a very strict dress code, meaning we have uniforms like below the knee skirts and neck tie but we are nothing like the Constance students in Gossip Girl, black shoes with white socks are mandatory. So of course I opt for the chicest black shoes I could buy and white socks with pretty patterns. After I graduate I never did it again, even sandals with socks thing which is a street style sensation. Doing it 5 times a week in high school made me sort of sick of doing it again.

But now, with more and more people especially street style stars are doing it much more stylish than we do it back in high school, it is also the easiest way to restyle pieces you already own to make it look new and the weather is not getting any warmer anytime soon, I have been thinking and tempted to rock it once again. Just look at these street style looks from the recent Paris Haute Couture Week shot by Young Jun Koo, Tommy Ton and others.

Fuzzy take on the trend via stylehaus 70 Life-Giving Paris Street-Style Snaps & Ece Sükan Photo by YoungJun KooYoungJun KooI'M KOO via StyleHaus.com_1 Natasha Zinko Street Style Maxi Sweater, fur scarf and sandals with socks at Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2014 & Photo from StyleHaus Susie Lau Photo YoungJun Koo YoungJun Koo I'M KOO Meruyert Ibragim street stylers via stylehaus & Tommy Ton Tumblr Photo Elisa Nalin Nasiba Adilova Photo YoungJun Koo YoungJun Koo I'M KOO Stella Tennant Photo YoungJun Koo YoungJun Koo I'M KOO

What do you think of shoes with socks trend?

Shop the Looks:

Photo Courtesy of The Cut

  • Aida

    I have not worn socks with shoes since I was little. And even then I think I hated the look. It’s a trend, and I don’t follow trends…..

  • Mariah

    I love wearing socks with my shoes! I can wear my summer shoes when it’s cooler outside. I love getting taller socks so I can wear them tall or scrunch them up a little. I think it’s a nice alternative to tights.

  • I think people can pull it off, as long as it’s not sandals with socks.

    xxDenysia Yu

    • Aida

      I think you are right, some people can pull them off. I could see knee high socks with cute closed-toe shoes…sort of school girl look but again not every one could pull that look off. Sandals with socks are definitively not a glamorous or cute.

  • Emily

    Im the same as you in the sense that I went to a strict private school that required shiny black shoes and white socks which has turned me off the idea of revisiting that phase. I don’t really like this current trend, and I think it’s important not to follow every trend just for the sake of it. I really love your posts, keep up the brilliant blogging xx

  • I really like this! It’s different and there are so many different combinations one could wear.

  • Sharon Pate

    I blogged about this trend a couple if weeks ago. This is a trend that people either love or hate. I, personally, like the knee-high socks with tall boots trend. Great post.


  • Twynkle Loves

    Great post. I think this trend is fabulous when the socks are just as cute as the shoes, no random whites though, lol.

    Stay Stylish, TL. Xx

  • I think it’s a really cute trend that’s great for this time of year when the weather is cooler.
    Ray | Obey Ray

  • Anna Proffitt

    I think I do like it, the embellished hiking socks look so chic with strappy sandals

  • Jane

    I kinda like this trend, but only when the socks match the shoes.

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  • Vm

    We don’t like it, we think that it is really ugly.
    We like your page.

  • thechicmode
  • Great looks! I love it!

  • I say thumbs down to this look. It may work with some casual looks, I don’t like it with dressier looks.

  • Yinsey

    I’m on the fence with this one. It does depend how you match the sock and shoes. But where it works, I LOVE it!

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