Sigh, yes we know, we know, Lorde! We’ll never be royals (“roooyals”) but at least we can have your makeup and hair. I’m a bit of a smuggy buggy when it comes to music. I never like those music sang by the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and especially Kanye West, etc. I’m more into alternative, rock and indie because most of them care more on the music itself rather than gimmicks and how much it will sell. So when I saw this newest pop sensation Lorde Royals music video the song just stock to my head for days. It’s pop but it has sense, it’s good music! And Lorde’s makeup and hair are so edgy, very “rock and roll” I just want to copy it. Though since I cut my hair very short recently, I cannot have those long wavy locks yet but I still searched the internet to help those of you who have a long hair and wants to try it probably when you attend a music festival since summer is just around the corner.

Here are some screen shot photos showing Lorde’s cat eye makeup and wavy hair from the music video:

1 lorde royals hair and makeup

1 lorde royals hair and makeup_1

How To Get Lorde Royals Cat Eye Makeup?

Lorde’s cat eye make up from the music video is a bit different from what we used to like Alexa Chung’s signature cat eye. When you close your eyes it seems like there are still eyes on your lids in a non-creepy way. I stumbled upon a great video tutorial on how to do it from YouTube courtesy of

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Here’s the final look:

1 lorde royals hair and makeup_3

1 lorde royals hair and makeup_2 1 lorde royals hair and makeup_4

Photos Courtesy of From Head to Toe

How To Get Lorde Royals Wavy Hair?

This one is easy, there 3 options from Brit + Co on how to make wavy hairs but the third option is the easiest and the results looks a lot like Lorde’s hair in her Royals music video.

1 lorde royals hair and makeup_5

You have to create a trio of twisted buns and blow dry them to get a really playful wave that’s a little more on the wild side.

1 lorde royals hair and makeup_6

Photos Courtesy of Brit + Co

1. Spray down hair with water.

2. Then spray down with John Masters Organics Sea Mist.

3. Section the top part of the hair and twist very tightly.

4. Wrap it into a bun and secure with an elastic or bobby pin.

5. Repeat with the rest of the hair so you have 3 buns.

6. Blow dry those buns! Dry each bun for 5-10 minutes.

7. Unwrap all of the buns.

8. Loosen each twist and separate the hair with your fingers.

9. Boom! That’s all folks.

Hope you like these tutorials of Lorde Royals Makeup and Hair Look. These are the easiest tutorials I found, honestly. Anyway, let me finish this post with the actual music video just in case you still have no idea who she is and how much are you missing a lot.