Links à la Mode: New York & London Fashion Week Recap

In case some of you are wondering why I had been missing in action lately it’s because I was confined in a hospital for a few days (with my brother due) to Dengue Fever. A very dangerous virus indeed, but I’m happy and thankful me and my younger brother both survived it. Another reason why being sick sucks, you miss A LOT of things like in case the New York and London fashion week but thank goodness for this week’s IFB Links à la Mode because it’s all about fashion week recap before we all get hype for Milan and Paris.

Once again, I’m thankful that one of my post was picked again this week for Links à la Mode. So those of you who are still keeping those probably dried already flowers you received this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to re-purpose it stylishly with my tips, just click my link. Enjoy the rest of the list.



With New York and London Fashion Weeks all over, and as we head into Milan and Paris, excitement for the fall is all a buzz on the internet. Of course it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the fashion fabulousness, so that’s why we’re here to help! This week we have some excellent recaps of NYFW and even a NYFW vs. LFW street style walk-off! It’s pretty hard to choose between the two, both being sooo good. If you’re already burnt out from the fashion week talk, we do have some excellent style posts too, so check them out!

Links à la Mode: February 20th

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