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Want. Need. Cannot Have: Chanel Couture Sneakers

chanel couture sneakers

The Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris was , of course, very ostentatious as you can expect from Karl Lagerfeld and has a lot of irony as a matter of fact. The models literally walk down the runway on 1930’s Hollywood style grand stairs, you know, the kind of stairs we often seen in old glamorous Hollywood films where every step should be a pose. Though despite that, the theme was very sporty and futuristic which Lagerfeld described as “a night club from another planet”. But the most ironic part is, most models where wearing a corset which is something that Coco Chanel stripped away from women around a decade ago for modernity. That makes it the first time a Chanel girl is corseted, though Lagerfeld’s corsets where styled with boleros (or rather cropped tops) and shoulder, elbow and knee pads for a more futuristic look. But the biggest surprise from the couture show was that every outfit featured a couture sneaker, yes you read that right, each models were wearing couture sneakers by Massaro. It probably made all the fashion editors gasped and asked themselves “is this couture?”. But these are not your ordinary sneakers, each was made with unconventional materials for a sneaker like python, with lace, pearls, and tweed, very true to Chanel brand and style. If you’re curious about the cost of such an item, according to the price tag will probably be something in the vicinity of €3,000 and were all made around 30 hours each according to Fashionista.

The moment I laid my eyes on these Couture Sneakers my first thought was, “damn! I want one of those” my excitement and emotion just got all over the place I thought this will be the next “it sneakers”. Like, at last! The Isabel Marant wedge sneakers have a competitor as the leading sneakers on street style all over the world worn by socialites, celebrities and well connected fashion bloggers and editors but then, Sussie Lau just crushed my expectations by tweeting this:

Want. Need. Cannot have. @Chanel couture trainers only available if you order accompanying couture look. Cry.

€3,000 makes it already a very exclusive sneaker but now it’s official that these sneakers are only for cash-rich elites, after all they’re the only ones who purchase a couture, celebrities doesn’t even pay for those during the red carpet season. So for us commoners, we just have to settle on looking and fantasizing on these lovely sneakers.

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I hope one day these Chanel Haute Couture Sneakers will also be available without purchasing the couture pieces that it accompanies like the classic Chanel Tweed Jacket and Quilted Bags.

What do you think of these couture sneakers and which one do you like?

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