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5 Tips For Lazy People Who Hates Cleaning

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I’m very open about it though sometimes I am still ashamed to admit this, but I HATE cleaning. I mean, there are so many more productive things I could be doing. I always reason that I am in the “creative field” so my space always appear disorganized and chaotic at times to some people (i.e. my mother). And it also annoys me a lot that when you clean something, it just gets dirty all over again. Cleaning for me is a horrible, boring, thankless task, but you know what’s worse than cleaning? Stressing out all the time because it’s so messy! So what’s a lazy woman to do?

I’ve been working at this for a while, and I’ve realized that “not caring about it” is not an effective solution as I thought it would be. I want my space to stay clean. I just don’t want to go crazy keeping it that way. With that in mind, here are some of my best strategies for keeping a (reasonably) clean house without losing your mind.

1. Drawers

The number one secret to clutter busting is DRAWERS. I don’t know about you, but my space is full of little things sitting around —on my drawing table, vanity table, and even on my floor from art materials to clothes — I know I should put them up but I don’t know where and besides, when I look for my stuff I know where I could find it easily. Any time I try to “organize” it I expend tremendous mental energy trying to figure out where to put this and that. You get what I’m saying? And after considering perhaps one pile of stuff, I give up, exhausted. Maybe you are not lazy like me. But if you are: you need drawers. Maybe one drawer for each of your stuff, like me, I have a drawer specifically for my art materials now, another drawer for important documents like a birth certificate or contracts, and of course a drawer to keep my “hygienic” stuff from beauty products to jewellery especially Freshtrends Body Jewelleries like belly rings, cartilage earrings etc. (I’m only 20 by the way so I don’t look silly with those just yet) because they are stuff you use on your body so it must be always clean to avoid any infections.

2. Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You Use Them

Here’s another thing I am ashamed to admit but another reason I postponed cleaning is because I’m too lazy to go downstairs to get a napkin to wipe the water I spilled while painting or something like that. So my solution is I now have a napkin ready in my so-called “art studio” for situations like this. I do the same thing with broom and dustpan set. Now I no longer postpone cleaning and my space is always clean.

3. Set a Timer

My ears were very irritated back then (actually it still do) whenever my mom — who is very organized to the point, in my opinion, is already a obsessive-compulsive disorder– is nagging me about setting time on each of my tasks. Obviously I am very annoyed whenever we are having that “conversation” but actually it’s very helpful. You set the time when do you want to finish cleaning and do all the cleaning in that time. Actually when I tidy things up under time pressure I think I clean more faster and more organized. Try it!

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

A picture frame in the centre isn’t placed centre enough or you missed a very teeny tiny less than one centimetre spot on the mirror… seriously, don’t sweat it. THEY DON’T MATTER. So if you dread cleaning (like me) because you’re lazy but also sort of a crazy perfectionist and think everything has to be SUPER SUPER clean: it doesn’t. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

5. Make It Fun

The reason I don’t like cleaning is because (like I said above) it is boring. That is why every time I do it and other house chores I try to make it fun. Back in high school my father bought me an iPod from his business trip in Japan. It was still quite new back then and I don’t want to get separated from it so I use while doing other things like cleaning the dishes and that’s when I discover that cleaning is bearable and fun when I listen to music. So know the things that you like that you could do while cleaning, it could be listening to music like me or drinking a beer like someone I know.

These five tips are proven effective but seriously, if you want less clutter on your home the simplest way is to have less stuff. It’s hard but getting rid of stuff you didn’t actually used for the past two years or didn’t used at all is a huge help to keep your space clean and organized.

  • I am so with you on cleaning but I have learned a few things that helps keep me sane.

    1. when I get the mail, my junk mail, never reaches my house. I throw it away immediately.
    2. Take five minutes to do a task, like dusting, or putting things away.
    3. I put a bleach tab in the toilet to keep it clean at all times.
    4. I keep a check list of what needs to be done or else I let it slide!

    There are some tips of the top of my head.


    • Thanks for more tips! 🙂 I actually do the #3 also with toilet bleach strips.