Love it or hate, well, you couldn’t do anything to prevent this from happening (again) cause its already happening no matter how many people have a love-hate thing for them even though more on the latter. Yep, ladies -and gentlemen, if there are men- the Birkenstock Slippers are back! And these street style stars and bloggers below just proves that these comfy slippers could also be stylish, unlike those we used to remember them back in the 90s.

To be honest I am NOT a fan of Birkenstock, they don’t flatter my feet but to be honest these group of ladies made me think twice.


birkenstocks2 birkenstocks3.1

birkenstocks3 birkenstocks4 birkenstocks5 birkenstocks6 birkenstocks10.1 birkenstocks10

birkenstocks11 birkenstocks12.1 birkenstocks12 birkenstocks13 birkenstocks17 birkenstocks18 birkenstocks19 birkenstocks20 birkenstocks21

UPDATE (04/08/2014): Now that Birkenstocks with graphic prints are out, it’s offical! Birkenstocks are back!

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