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Stylish Men On Instagram That You Should Follow

stylish men on instagram

Some girls find menswear boring because style innovation only occurs around every five years –if you could notice– but these stylish men on Instagram proves that it can be as exciting as womenswear. So this week I decided to post something different on my eye candy segment. Instead of ad campaigns of male supermodels and celebrities, I thought of doing a follow up on Men Fashion Bloggers You Should Know, so I opted for the stylish men on our most favorite photo sharing app, Instagram, because they are more realistic and believable than ad campaigns. Choosing just four looks on these men’s Instagram accounts was hard! They do really “speak” fashion and have so many stylish looks to choose, from the classic style, casual chic to hipster look. If you want your boyfriend to dress a little edgier, have him steal some style tips from these guys.

By the way, be cautious… This can be addicting.

Stylish Men on Instgram: Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher // @iamgalla

Stylish Men on Instagram: Riccardo Pozzoli

Riccardo Pozzoli // @riccardopozzoli

stylish men on instagram: mike motsok

Mike Motsok // @mikemotsok

Stylish Men on Instagram: Brian Sacawa of HeSpokeStyle

Brian Sacawa // @HeSpokeStyle

Stylish Men of Instagram: Prince Pelayo

Prince Pelayo // @princepelayo

stylish men on instgram: david guison

David Guison // @davidguison

stylish men on instagram: Michiel Steur

Michiel Steur // @janmarcelblog

stylish men on instagram: edward honaker

Edward Honaker // @edwardshair

Do you follow stylish men on Instagram that are not listed here? Share it below!

  • Disappointed

    All skinny white guys? That’s the best you could do?

    • I already noticed before I published this that majority are white guys but –if you could see clearly– David Guison is Filipino. But if you could suggest more stylish guys on Instagram other than them that will be great… that’s why I also asked at the bottom of the post 🙂

    • actually, if you could see it clearly David Guison is a Filipino. But if you know other stylish people in instagram that isn’t listed here and not white please send me their links 🙂