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Top 3 gifts ideas for the man in your life this Christmas

gift ideas for men


As we all know ladies are more organised when it comes to buying gifts for a special occasion whether it be an anniversary, birthday or Christmas? Most men tend to feel somewhat lost when it comes to gift preparation, it’s usually always the day before the event and very rushed. Unlike us ladies, we tend to have written the list, hunted down the required gifts and wrapped the lot, all hidden around the home before December is barely upon us! – We’re like machines when it comes to shopping, we don’t mess around!

Sharing gifts on Christmas day is a well-known tradition that has been carried on for hundreds of years. It can be a tricky task to find gifts for your Father, husband, fiancé, boyfriend, brother or even a Friend. It’s no mean feat to not only find a suitable gift but something either memorable, practical or a treasured memento – to make Christmas day even more special!

A gift is given as a token of our affection, so research, time and effort is required if you want to get you’re a loved one’s gift just perfect this year!

Here are 3 top gift ideas for you’re the man in your life – they will defiantly be winners to make Christmas 2013 one to remember:

1. A 3H Italia Watch

The top Christmas gift for a man by far has got to be a quality, stylish watch. The reason for this is that watches last for many years, they’re an accessory that gets used on a daily basis and for some men they couldn’t live without one. They’re often used to not only add style to an outfit but there most importantly of all, really practical! What better way to ensure that you’re your man is always on time when meeting you buy purchasing him a new stylish watch! He really will have no excuse for being late in the future – and why not add a personalised message inscribed for the special day, guaranteed to not only impress but to 3H Italia has the most perfect affordable ranges of watches to suit all personalities and styles.

2. Male Grooming Products

Men’s grooming products are also a great gift idea. They too like watches are really practical and are something that men use each day, and for some men they tend to not invest in grooming products themselves. So why not choose a brand that has great reviews and is popular to every skin type. If you pick an affordable luxury brand such as Kyoku, you could build up a box of grooming goodies, dependant of what the person you were purchasing the gift for liked or used. However, it is a good opportunity to introduce them to products they would not think to purchase themselves such as face masks, lip fuel or pre shave optimizer.

3. Male Leather Accessories

Why not purchase an extremely practical gift that has multi use, why not splash out on a cross the shoulder bag which doubles up as an iPad and tablet carrier. In an ever growing generation of technical geniuses, we seem to have become whizz at all technical gadgets. So whether the bag in for everyday use, for business or simply for holidays and days out it’s defiantly a thoughtful present, perfect for that someone special!

Guest Post by Emma Garner