With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a Halloween costume. We’re not talking pumpkins and ghosts – get inspired by the latest in pop culture and your favorite characters and celebs in entertainment.  What better time to channel your inner fashionista than Halloween?

Regardless of your plans on October 31st, whether you’re attending an office party or haunted hayride, every girl needs a great costume. From Catwoman’s thigh high boots and all-black attire to Daisy’s from The Great Gatsby sequins and pearls, any true fashionista can whip up a great costume from their closet and add a few finishing touches without breaking the bank. With just a little bit of creativity and a great wardrobe, you can create the five Halloween costumes for the fashion-forward below.

Daisy style of Great Gatsby

Daisy from The Great Gatsby

With some pearls and a whole lot of sequins, you can easily re-create Daisy’s look from The Great Gatsby by starting off with a short sparkly dress. Add a bedazzled headband with a large feather tucked to the side, a feather boa, and a pair of heels as the finishing touches. If you have longer hair than the “bob” that was iconic in the 1920’s, pin your hair up to give the illusion of shorter locks.

catwoman julie newmar style for halloween


Recreate Halle Berry’s Catwoman look with a simple pair of cats ears and a tail, black gloves, a pair of black jeans, a long sleeve black shirt, and of course, some thigh high boots to pull your look together. Finish your look off with some smoky eye makeup, black eyeliner, and a face mask if you so choose.

marie antoinette for halloween

Marie Antoinette

Remember that old prom dress sitting in the back of your closet? Take some creative freedom and recreate a dress from the late 1700’s time period using some DIY project guidelines. Even if it doesn’t turn out looking exactly like Marie Antoinette’s, some great hair and makeup can go a long way – just be sure to stock up on the hairspray… you’ll need it!

Disney Divas by Hayden Williams

Your Favorite Girls Character

Get your three best friends together and recreate your favorite characters from Girls by digging through each other’s closets to find the perfect pieces. From Marnie’s polished look to Tessa’s boho-chic style, you can easily pull this costume idea off without spending a dime! See how many Girls fans recognize you and your friends purely based on your outfits.

marilyn monroe by hayden williams

Marilyn Monroe

You can’t go wrong with this classic beauty! With a plain white dress, a platinum blonde wig, and some red lipstick, you can recreate Marilyn’s iconic look within minutes. Finish off your look with a pair of white strappy heels.

Whether you’re going solo or with a group of friends, there’s a large variety of costume ideas out there to choose from. However, why not make the most of what you already have by picking and choosing from your wardrobe to spare you the time and money of buying a costume? Channel your inner Girls character or go back in time to the late 1700’s or 1920’s and have fun while doing so!

About the Author:

Ann Shirley is a freelance writer from New York that enjoys reading and writing about various topics. She has a special interest in fashion and style and considers herself a self-proclaimed shoe addict.  She lives with her fiancé and a Maine Coon cat named Cosmo.