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Modern Artsy Hipster Home

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Every day I have a lot of things to do that could help propel me on my chosen career and it’s going pretty well but unluckily I have to commute -more or less- an hour (depends on the traffic) to get in to the city where I have a lot of opportunities. My parents opted to raise me and my younger brother in a suburban neighbourhood though it’s very near the capital city, long commute can be a waste of time and energy so just like any college/ young professionals in their 20s, like me, it realized:  it’s time to move out.

Finding a place is not that difficult if you set a budget, what I find it hard to do is decorating it to make it feel home-y and presentable to friends who wants to drink your beer for free. 2013 is the rise of the hipsters again, but they we are much cooler now than those back in the 60’s (just saying). Recently I read an article in Refinery29 about hipster apartments and it got me laughing out loud because I feel like they were describing my room. Below are some of my “modern hipster” home decoration inspiration I want for my own place soon.

For the Living Room:

Living room

I want a living room that could double as an entertainment room (hey! I don’t need too many rooms since I’ll be living alone anyway) with comfy sofas, huge TV and of course, interesting artwork but not over the tops just like that Eifel Tower art on top of that fireplace in this Townhouse I found in Sandstone Valley in Alberta, Canada and those pop art and typography artworks that are very trendy right now especially on a young person’s especially hipster’s apartment.

typography art

Artworks from The Love Shop

For the Bedroom:

3D decoration for bedroom

For my second favourite room of the house, I always like something simple yet artsy. If you don’t want to commit on a wallpaper or mural that takes a lot of work to make, try these 3D wall decors that will instantly make your wall look lively like on the wall of this condominium I found on Comfree. And the best part, if you’re tired of it already you can easily remove it. Luckily I found something like it and cheap from ModCloth.

For the Bathroom:

bathroom decor inspiration

Of course, I’m planning to be artsy from every corner of the apartment and the bathroom is no exemption. I find bathrooms the least decorated room in a house and I’m not going to let that happen on my place. My idea is to decorate it with digital arts and of course it must be framed to be protected from water.

For the Kitchen:

kitchen or dining room decoration inspiration

I’ll be honest, this is my least favourite room in the house for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t know how to cook a real dinner and 2) Even in my parent’s house when we all have time to eat at the same time we do it outside therefore when I’m living alone I go out to eat. But of course, I’m not going to let my kitchen/ dining room look boring. I’m planning to make it look festive with mismatched chairs, cheerful-looking rugs and colourful mugs and plates, even I will not use it much.

Do you have your own place or planning to get your own? How do you decorate it, what’s your theme?

  • ceciliarios1a

    Wow.. never thought about decorating the bathroom, but it looks preety cool! Hahahah now after years ofliving here, i’m redecorating my appartment.. and making my living/dinning room into a big studio. Starting with a full chalkboard wall. That should be fun.

  • ceciliarios1a

    hahahahhah first thing i see on the article… the chalkboard wall. Damn it. Im so hipster.