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Julian Hakes Shoes Are Pushing The Fashion Boundaries

Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes representing European Avant-Garde, is a London-based renowned architect that extended his artistic designs from architecture to fashion, designed the next generation of heels. He discovered late one summer evening, the instep of a shoe was not necessary to be wearable. He began the long process of perfecting the sleek, sexy design until perfection, much like his architectural designs.

In 2012 the Mojito won the well sought after Drapers Footwear and Accessories Award. Julian Hakes’, “Mojito” shoe collection has also drawn attention from around the globe, including renowned celebrities requesting to wear the unusual design.

julian hakes shoes

The Mojito’s have been featured in magazines across the continents, including Elle UK, Vogue UK, USA Today, and others. Top international designers have commissioned the shoes to be worn on the catwalks. The Mojito’s are in constant demand and they are now available in a limited quantity in the U.S at Citybliss for $275.00 each pair.


  • Cecily

    I can’t even understand how you put your feet in that shoe without hitting the wrong place! hahahha

  • Ali Mackin

    Wow these really are how are these to walk in?

    Ali of