In choosing her wedding dress, every bride wants to look the most original, unique and of course, the most beautiful on her special day. But some just made us very -surprise is an understatement- shocked on their choices while some groom are not so left behind making our jaws dropped and eyes wide.

The wedding season is on and so does my wedding tips and articles to help all my bride-to-be readers plan their special day and get inspirations. From Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain to Yoko One and John Lennon’s weddings, here are the ten musician’s iconic weddings (in random order), maybe you’ll find one here that will inspire your wedding’s theme… just maybe.

1. Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love

 photo 1kurtcobainampcourtneylove_zps313797b9.jpg

 photo 1kurtcobainampcourtneylove_1_zps462f427d.jpg

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were married on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii at the end of Nirvana’s Pacific Rim tour in 1992. Love’s satin dress was previously owned by troubled actress Frances Farmer while Cobain wore pajamas because he had been “too lazy to put on a tux” and only Kurt Cobain could only pull off shit like that! truly unique and iconic. In a 1992 interview, an elated Cobain talked about his engagement:

“In the last couple months, I’ve gotten engaged and my attitude has changed drastically, and I can’t believe how much happier I am. At times I even forget that I’m in a band, I’m so blinded by love. I know that sounds embarrassing, but it’s true. I could give up the band right now. It doesn’t matter, but I’m under contract.”

2. Marilyn Manson & Dita Von Teese

 photo 2marilynmansonampditavonteese_3_zps717911a0.jpg

 photo 2marilynmansonampditavonteese_2_zpsb2a0c057.jpg

 photo 2marilynmansonampditavonteese_zps03e68a29.jpg

 photo 2marilynmansonampditavonteese_1_zps526eed2e.jpg

If I’m giving an award here, Marilyn Manson & Dita Von Teese’s wedding will win “The Most True to Themselves”. They got hitched at Gurteen Castle, the home of artist and friend Gottfried Helnwein. Director Alejandro Jodorowsky officiated the wedding in Holy Mountain-style garb. The bride’s shiny purple Vivienne Westwood and the groom’s John Galliano outfits really shows their personality and also got them a spread in Vogue. Plus Dita Von Teese’s  fascinator will make some brides rethink their bridal hair accessory.

3. Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson

 photo 3pamelaandersonampkiddrock_zps71ef4093.jpg

 photo 3pamelaandersonampkidrock_1_zps80775af6.jpg

 photo 3pamelaandersonampkidrock_3_zpsafe62c45.jpg

Pamela Anderson and her beloved musician Kid Rock decided to organize their wedding party on a board a luxury yacht near the cost of famous French resort of Saint-Tropez. The couple was so pleased to celebrate their wedding that they decided to do it three times – in Detroit, in Malibu and in Nashville. According to eyewitnesses, during all these wedding ceremonies famous model and actress and Playboy star continued to surprise her visitors with shocking wedding outfits. On this one, Pamela shocked the whole world -probably not some of her friends because they might be expecting it already- by opting to wear a white bikini while her groom wasn’t far left behind by opting for denim jeans, fedora hat and topless. At least Pamela opted for a classy pair of white heels and had some that look like chains of diamonds around her waist. Truly this wedding was iconic and filled with paparazzi.

4. David Bowie & Iman

 photo 4DavidBowieandIman_zps7d0aa5a1.jpg

 photo 4DavidBowieandIman_4_zps8853a643.jpg

 photo 4DavidBowieandIman_1_zps6cfd4a93.jpg

 photo 4DavidBowieandIman_2_zps02386940.jpg

 photo 4DavidBowieandIman_3_zps174d3785.jpg

Bowie and Iman got married in 1992 with guests that included Yoko Ono, Bono, and Brian Eno. David was surprisingly look tame on his wedding but he surely look so dashing while his bride Iman’s hair was definitely something else.

5. Elvis Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu

 photo 5elvispresleyandPriscillaBeaulieu_zps05a7fe59.jpg

 photo 5elvispresleyandPriscillaBeaulieu_1_zps07eb9653.jpg

 photo 5elvispresleyandPriscillaBeaulieu_2_zpsd82c656d.jpg

 photo 5elvispresleyandPriscillaBeaulieu_4_zps71a298a0.jpg

Elvis met Priscilla Beaulieu when she was 14. They married seven years later in 1967 at their suite at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The ceremony was attended by few guests and featured a $10,000 breakfast reception and press conference. Clearly, it was all about the veil for this Vegas bride. Her wedding dress was  a stunning pearl-trimmed number that she designed herself. A more demure, non-form-fitting silhouette.

6.1 Mick Jagger & Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias

 photo 6mickampbiancajagger_zps45381e92.jpg

 photo 6mickampbiancajagger_1_zps224d4878.jpg

Decked out in a YSL Le Smoking, Bianca cemented her place in history as one of the most unconventional—but absolutely stunning—brides of all time. While her marriage to Mick Jagger (the ceremony took place in Saint Tropez in 1971) was short-lived, the memory of this sexy skirt suit lives on and was the inspiration to Kate Moss & Jamie Hince‘s pre-wedding photo spread in Vogue.

6.2 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

 photo 62mickjaggerampjerryhall_2_zpsa9ca2b1e.jpg

 photo 62mickjaggerampjerryhall_zps3bd61f09.jpg

Mick Jagger opted for a Hindu beach ceremony in Indonesia with longtime partner Jerry Hall in 1990. While her bride eschewed wearing white for her wedding, opting instead for traditional Balinese dress for the unofficial Balinese ceremony, which consisted largely of Hindu ritual. The couple had started dating in 1977 and their common-law marriage ended in 1999. They have four children together: Elizabeth, James, Georgia May and Gabriel. Now Mick Jagger has been with fashion designer L’Wren Scott since 2011.

7. John Lennon & Yoko Ono

 photo 7johnlennonampyokoono_zpsf05fb37b.jpg

The 1969 wedding of John Lennon and Yoko Ono was a casual affair. The bride wore a white mini dress, tennis shoes, her signature floppy hat and sunglasses. Definitely an unusual choice even for Yoko but her take on matrimonial wear matched the anti-conformist sentiments of the era; from the oversize shades down to the floppy hat, this look was surely rebellious. Apparently Zsa Zsa Gabor said they looked as though they were “going to hold up a bank.” Shortly after the ceremony, they released a series of lithographs, Bag One, depicting scenes from their honeymoon and the Bed-In for World Peace. Scotland Yard confiscated the prints, calling the artworks indecent.

8. Tommy Lee & Heather Locklear

 photo 8tommyleeampheatherlocklear_1_zpsa9af5f0b.jpg

 photo 8tommyleeampheatherlocklear_zps535ac95c.jpg

This is definitely the most Rock n Roll wedding! Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear stole all the hair and 1980s for their wedding. And take a look at Heather’s wedding dress, Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace dress -that Lady Gaga also wore- suddenly seem tamed compared to this.

9. John Righton & Keira Knightley

 photo 9johnrightonampkeiraknightley_zps70b77b13.jpg

 photo 9johnrightonampkeiraknightley_1_zps6e58ea37.jpg

Keira Knightley’s wedding to musician John Righton in the town hall – or La Mairie – of the hilltop village of sun-drenched Mazan in the south of France was a surprised not only because guests didn’t knew that they were actually going to the wedding but also because the bride opted for an above-the-knee strapless Rodarte tulle dress she’d worn to a Bafta event in 2008. There was a widespread rumor that Karl Lagerfeld was set to create Keira’s gown but in turn out to be just really rumors but as Chanel’s longtime brand ambassador, Keira paired her gown with one of Chanel’s iconic tweed jackets, sunglasses (like her groom) and a fun floral wreath, it was daisies to be exact, very bohemian-chic.

10. Jamie Hince & Kate Moss

 photo 10jamimehinceandkatemoss_2_zps41950b29.jpg

 photo 10jamimehinceandkatemoss_3_zps7197f771.jpg

I already blogged about this wedding before but I’m still including it on this list. Supermodel Kate Moss’s wedding to Jamie Hince of -one of my favorite bands- The Kills was truly like a fairy tale with flower crowns and white lace dresses, not only on the bride but also on the flower girls and bridesmaids. I think what truly makes this wedding iconic was the bride’s 1920’s-inspired embellished wedding dress with modern twists which was considered John Galliano’s debut after leaving Dior.

Which wedding do you like best and did I missed any Musician’s Iconic Wedding? Share it below

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