WTF?! Man Deported From Saudi Arabia for Being Too Handsome?!

Have you ever heard a person being deported from a country for being too good looking until today? I think not. I had featured some very ridiculous stories on this blog but by far this is the most ridiculous among the rest. I just stumbled upon this story when I was checking my Bloglovin account for the latest updates from my favorite websites and blogs. What kind of woman who wouldn’t spare a few minutes to check out the reported three men who got deported for being too handsome?

So here’s the whole story, according to Telegraph, three Emirati men were forcibly removed from an annual cultural festival in Saudi Arabia and subsequently sent back to the UAE after it was deemed that women could find them irresistible. The Saudi Arabia Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices “feared female visitors could fall for them”?! These men must have one hell of a look to be feared like that. So, who are these three reportedly handsome men? Well, they haven’t been officially named yet but one name, who said to be one of those three handsome men, is spreading like wildfire in the blogosphere.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

His name is Omar Borkan Al Gala and all I know about him is that he is a fashion photographer, actor and poet from Dubai who have a Facebook page with more than 90,000 likes. I’m going to say it again, this story is ridiculous! I admit, he is super HOT! His eyes are very beautiful. I’m not asking this with an intention to offend anyone especially those from Saudi Arabia but, aren’t there any hot men in their country? I’ve heard of “crime of passion” and there are also countless of handsome men in the world but this is the first time ever (as far as I know) that a man is convicted of a crime of passion by being too handsome and deported because of it. RIDICULOUS!

Not sure if he is really one of those three men but legit sources of websites who also reported this like NY Mag’s The Cut corroborate his dreaminess. You’ll definitely hear more story about this as the story develops. For now, here are more photos of Omar Borkan Al Gala.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala

What do you think of Omar Borkan Al Gala? Overrated or really too damn handsome?

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  • Pablo Garcia


  • Denysia Yu

    He’s pretty handsome, but that’s crazy that they would do that to someone! By deporting them!

    xx Denysia Yu

  • Vee

    Very handsome :)>
    And deported for it? Seems almost like a fake story. Hard to fathom.

  • Danielle Maxwell

    I saw this on several blogs and websites today as well. Don’t get me wrong he’s a handsome man but the whole thing is absolutely hilarious! xx

    Danielle xx

  • Pépa Xavier

    I was pretty shocked myself with this whole surreal story! Is this even true? I read it on the newspaper, but even though it’s hard to believe.

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