I don’t really do fashion recaps of TV shows even though it’s my favorite unless I really like the outfit I saw whether it’s from the lead character or just the supporting, as long as I love it I’ll blog about it. I did it several times in Gossip Girl. Now that show is over (RIP) I thought  I will never do posts like this again but last night’s episode of The Carrie Diaries I was struck on young Carrie Bradshaw’s graphic dress. I didn’t see a full glimpse of it but I managed to find what brand it was.

The dress was from ModCloth which is adorably called “Good Enough to Eat Dress” can’t really blame them for calling it like that because the prints were food such as ice cream, burgers and hotdogs that are all so cute printed like it some kind of those pop art popularized by Andy Warhol, definitely good enough to eat! Best part, it’s not as expensive like those other clothes in the show It only cost $69.99. Not bad!

What do you think of this graphic dress from Carrie Diaries?