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Weird but Wonderful Bright Skin Tricks

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Many of us spend the best years of our lives trying to figure out how to achieve the perfect, spotless skin. We buy and test infinite products, hoping to finally get supermodel gorgeous with an alabaster glow. Well, forget that! Here we reveal the only tricks you’ll ever need for a bright skin.

Use coconut oil to get radiant

Coconut oil has rejuvenating and healing properties. Why? It contains antioxidants that are known for fighting free radicals– the foremost cause of wrinkles. Coconut oil repairs your skin while giving it a healthy texture and tone. It also reduces blemishes, rashes, and acne, which is why it is used in many beauty products on the market.

Use pure virgin coconut oil to get a healthier skin at any age. You will get the best benefits if you use it as a face wash before going to bed. Warm it up in your hands, apply it on the bare skin, and then wash it off with warm water.

Make you own honey mask once a week

Honey is a natural antiseptic that can heal and relieve the skin. Even in cases of severe acne caused by hormone imbalance, it can help reduce breakouts and irritations.

Simply apply honey directly on critical areas and let it act for an hour. It will get rid of all the bacteria stuck on your skin. You can even use it as a quick fix- cover a new spot or a pimple with a small quantity of honey and leave it overnight. You should wake up to reduced redness.

Use baby wipes to remove your makeup

Yes, it might sound weird, but baby wipes can be a great (and cheaper) way to take your makeup off and clean the dirt that gets stuck in your pores during the day. They are very effective in getting rid of the oil that has formed on your face during the day, which can worsen your skin problems.

Make brown sugar your exfoliator

We all need a good scrub sometimes- dead skin cannot be eradicated by simply washing and moisturizing. Dead skin makes your face look dull and lacking in brightness, so exfoliating is imperative.

Brown sugar is perfect for exfoliation because it has the perfect texture and doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives that can irritate your skin. It soothes and cleanses the skin by removing impurities that can clog the pores and cause imperfections. Be sure to use it gently, though- be careful not to cause tears by being too enthusiastic. 

Use potato juice to help diminish skin scars

Skin blemishes can leave red signs on our faces that persist even when the spot itself is long gone. Good news, though: scar-reducing enzymes are found in potatoes, so reducing embarrassing marks might be easier than you think.

All you need to do is cut a potato in half and gently rub it on the affected areas. Let the juices act on your skin for up to 10 minutes and then wash them away with warm water. You can repeat this treatment up to twice a week, as it’s naturally very kind to skin.

This post was penned by Elena Manighetti forCourt House Clinics- the UK’s leading chain of cosmetic clinics. Court House offer a range of skin treatments including Botox, skin peels, and microdermabrasion.