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Surprise her with the perfect gift

Valentine kiss by AE Pictures Inc.

With so much choice, finding the perfect gift for someone can often be a challenge. With so many occasions too; birthdays, anniversaries; Christmas; Valentine’s Day; Easter; mother’s day; father’s day; good luck; good bye…it seems we are forever searching for the opportunity to buy our loved ones something they will love and treasure. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I got to thinking about what makes the perfect gift? Is it chocolates? Is it twelve red roses? Is it champagne and strawberries? Is it a romantic trip away to Paris? Is it sexy lingerie? Or perhaps it is jewellery? Certainly, when we think of Valentine’s Day, all of these gift ideas automatically spring to mind. They, through the many advertisements we see on our TV screens and the billboards we walk past, are the obvious tropes of this day of romance we so eagerly celebrate every year. So if all these things are obvious then, perhaps for Valentine’s Day – or any other special occasion that calls for a gift – perhaps it is the element of surprise that transforms a gift into an extraordinary one.

Take jewellery for example. Everyone loves to receive jewellery right?! Yes of course we do. So when the husband, boyfriend, or lover rushes to the high street on February the 13th to buy his beloved some jewellery, what do they discover? Shop after shop, product after product, choice after choice. Earrings; necklace, bracelet, watches – what would she like best? Most probably she would like to receive any item of jewellery as all do makes nice gifts. However, if you surprise her she will love it more. For example, buying her the perfect necklace when she would either not normally buy one for herself or perhaps you might usually play it safe and buy her a pair of earrings similar to the ones she always wears so you that know she would like them, will have greater impact. Finding the perfect necklace that she will love, that she would never buy for herself but she has always wanted, that you know will sunrise her will ensure she has a smile on her face come February 14th.

Couple by Alija

Keep this element of surprise in mind when you hit the high street. Of course, keep your loved one in mind when you peruse the stores, but be sure to try and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You never know, you might even surprise yourself!