Photo: Romantic Proposing by vm/ Source: Getty Images
Photo: Romantic Proposing by vm/ Source: Getty Images

Are you popping out the question this Valentine’s Day? Then you should know everything about engagement rings from sizing to styles before getting down on one knee. I’ve learned from Miranda Hobbes of Sex & the City that “wrong ring means wrong guy” so you better do your research and choose the right ring! Read this article and I’m sure you’ll make her speechless when you show her your surprise.

How to get your future wife’s ring size?

The ring should fit her finger comfortably because like your future wedding band, she will wear it for the rest of her life but it should be also tight enough not to fall off and loose enough to slide over her knuckle. Sounds confusing? I know, so the most simplest approach to get her right ring size is to get a free ring sizer at and then “borrow” a ring that she wears on her ring finger from her jewelry box to match the size.

How much should I spend?

Ahh, the first big question before popping out “the question”. There’s a saying that a man should buy a ring which costs like his two-month salary, but that has fallen to the wayside already. The best answer to this question is: spend as much as you could afford. And don’t forget to get an insurance for the ring, it protects against damage, theft, or loss, and offers the wearer peace of mind for a generally low premium.

How to know your future wife’s desired style of ring and stone setting?

This should be a piece of cake to you because she probably dropped hints to you before and you should have been able to pay attention to the clues! Like leaving a magazine open to a particular ring, or saying, “I LOVE so-and-so’s princess-cut solitaire set in white gold” or ask her mother/sister/best friend about what she like. Make this questions your guide: Does she prefer white or yellow metal? Does she prefer classic or fashion-forward jewelry? Though if in any doubt, stick to my most common advice in fashion: stick to classic style. You can never go wrong with elegant and simple classic style.

Now what?

So you already know her size and the kind of ring she like. No offense, and I don’t mean to be stereotype but you’re a guy so I’m assuming you have no idea about engagement ring styles. Do not fret, below are different styles of engagement rings sorted for different type of personality and even fashion sense of your future wife.

Classic Style Engagement Rings

As I had said, if in any doubt stick to classic. You can never go wrong with elegant and simple. These classic styles have already stood the test of time, suits any women regardless of her fashion taste.

Emerald Cut: TIFFANY and CO Platinum 6.43ct Diamond Engagement Ring at

Square Cut: HEARTS ON FIRE Diamond Gold “Adoration” Engagement Ring at

Circle Cut: Classic Four Prong Engagement Ring in Platinum at

Opal Cut: Extremely Rare TIFFANY and CO 7.33ct D/IF Diamond Ring at

Artsy or Avant-Garde Engagement Rings

These rings are perfect for an artistic and fashion-forward women. They have a unique sense of style and doesn’t follow the norm.

1. Toi Et Moi Ring at Bittersweets NY // 2. Diamond And Mother Of Pearl Ring By Fred // 3. CARTIER Diamond, Sapphire and Rock Crystal Ring at // 4. DAVID WEBB Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald Ring at

Estate or Vintage Engagement Rings

These rings are perfect for women who loves everything vintage. They are glamorous and very feminine. These style are not exactly classic but there’s something about these rings which makes it a perfect heirloom.

1. Estate Hand-Made Natural Non-Heated Burmese Ruby Diamond Ring at

2. Oval Blue Sapphire Diamond “Halo” Filigree Platinum Ring, which I personally like to call “The Kate Middleton Ring” this is not the exact ring but it kinda resembles the sapphire engagement ring of the late Princess Diana which now owns by her son, Prince William’s wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. If you’re future wife was a huge sucker on the Royal Wedding of Will & Kate then this might be the perfect ring for her, available at

3. Natural Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats at

4. Cushion Cut Diamond Ring at

5. Art Deco Emerald and diamond ring at

Engagement Rings with Loose Stones

These rings are also appropriate for fashion-forward-bohemian-free-spited-adventurous women. These rings have stones that hasn’t been cut, meaning they were put on a ring the way they are found.

1. Natural Pink diamond Triangle 1.02 ct polished at Langerman Diamonds

2. HENRY DUNAY Alluring 37.95ct Green Moonstone and Diamond Ring at

3. SUSAN SADLER Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Ring at

Earthy & Organic Engagement Rings

These rings are for nature-loving women, they have bohemian style or hippies. If the loose stone rings have diamonds that aren’t cut, these rings are either hand-hammered, natural-hued, or the diamonds are left in their natural state. If your future wife lands in the category of personalities I had mentioned then these are the perfect ring for her.

1. Unity Ring, the diamonds are left in their natural state—and then encases them in pave talons and loops to pretty cool effect. Available at Diamond In The Rough

2. Raw Diamond Nugget Ring at Melissa Joy Manning. Most of Melissa Joy Manning’s pieces are intended to be stackable, which means that they’re never overwhelming or traditionally bling-y. Honestly, they all look and feel like they came straight from the earth, in the best possible way.

3. Triangular Rough Diamond Ring at Sarah Perlis. Paper-thin, hand-hammered bands and rosecut diamonds, which is ideal for the sort of woman who likes to play it delicate and low-key

4. Three Diamond Ring (which could be a stack ring too) at Yazuko Azuma Jewelry. Natural-hued diamonds, whether they’re slightly red, or dark and goth.

Which of these Engagement Rings styles do you like? Don’t forget to “accidentally left this open” in your boyfriend’s computer or phone 😉