If you’re an avid reader of mine then you probably know about My Flawless Beauty Transformation, a contest by Nuffnang and Flawless Skin Professionals which I fortunately won. My price was the chosen medical procedure I blog about (see it here) and 10,000 Pesos worth of gift certificates which I can use to avail skin care products, nutraceuticals and other services such as facial and body scrub. Since I’m tired of having a breakout whenever my period is getting nearer or during my period, I decided to purchase products to prevent it. Read my Flawless Acne Control Kit review if it is worth buying the whole kit.

**This post was originally posted on January 21, 2013, but it was updated last May 29, 2017. The rpices listed on this post were also updated.

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What’s Inside the Flawless Acne Control Kit?

1. SAS Soap (Php140)- Helps unclog pores and minimizes oiliness. It’s for face use only and if your skin is dry you’re only required to use it once a day but if it is oily like mine, then use it twice a day. As expected from non-commercial soaps, it doesn’t smell good but not bad either, it smells like a medicine but not stingy on the nose and gentle on the skin. It doesn’t bubble unlike those regular soaps, so you will need to rub a bit more to get the product. I like this product, I never experience any irritation or breakout using this, but I really prefer a liquid soap for my face. So after a few months of using this, I switched back to Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser again. It is highly recommended by many dermatologists, even those from the Flawless clinic.

2. Skin Protect Gel (Php290) – If your skin is oily, dermatologists always prescribes gel instead of creams. Sunblock creams mix with the oiliness of your skin making it sticky thus may result to more breakouts, unlike face sunscreen gel that protects the skin without leaving a greasy feel. I use this daily after my morning skin care routine, but before putting makeup. It’s not sticky but my skin looks too dewy, almost looks like oily when I apply this. So I recommend that you use an oil-control powder or makeup over this product.

3. Acne Astringent (Php330) – I’m sure all of us are familiar with astringents. It helps prevent the formation of pimples, but of course, it’s stingy on the nose but not on the skin. Just like the Skin Protect Gel, this is one of the products from the kit that I continued using. I still get pimples now and then, but I never had a nasty breakout when I started using this. I actually use this alternately with Flawless Pore Refiner, which shrinks my large pores especially those left with huge pimples.

4. Skin White Therapy – It’s for hyperpigmentation  Helps exfoliate dead skin, meaning it helps you remove those dark acne spots in your face, making it lighter and even. This one stings as well just like the astringent, but since I often get chemical peel treatment from Flawless, this is one of the products that I opted to not repurchase.


I’ve been using Flawless Acne Control Kit for over a year now, though not religiously because there are some days that I feel lazy and skip my beauty routine. BUT my skin has really improved! I commute every day, so I’m exposed to a lot of dirt and sun but my face stays clear. Although I still get a pimple or two whenever I have my period but that’s a “hormone thing”.

Flawless Acne Control Kit worked on me. For proof, well I guess you just have to look on some of my #nofilter selfies on this post. But take note, just because it worked for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. If you still suffer from severe acne after using this, I suggest visiting the Flawless clinic again for a consultation.


May 29, 2017. I no longer buy the Flawless Acne Control kit in a bulk, I only repurchased those that I found that really works on my skin. After four years since I posted this review, I only regularly use the Acne Astringent and the Skin Protect Gel. But every skin is different, in Filipino, we call it “kanya-kanyang hiyang”. So if you don’t know on which product to start, I highly recommend that you go to the nearest Flawless Clinic, have a free Doctor consultation. And buy the whole Flawless Acne Control Kit, if they recommended it, and from there find out which of the products works on you better and which are not.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Flawless Acne Control Kit for Php1,100 in all Flawless Clinic nationwide, and you could also buy them on their online store here for the same price. You can also buy the products individually in the Flawless C,licnis and website. You can check their official site Flawless.com.ph for more details.

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**I received the products mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.