Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

So this is it, Gossip Girl finally comes to an end. No more of Blair and Chuck’s clever scheming, Serena’s endless supply of attractive suitors, the ridiculous love hexagons, the “I’m Chuck Bass” line which is technically just saying a name but has been a great excuse, reason or explanation to get out of whatever situation, Nate’s messy blonde hair and blue eyes, confusing yet somewhat predictable plot twists and of course, the closing line “XOXO, Gossip Girl”

I already graduated from high school years ago, when MySpace and Friendster were still the hottest place on the web, but the end of Gossip Girl really marks the end of the high school girl in me. As a tribute for the six wonderful seasons of Gossip Girl, I’ll round up, without bias (I promise), the most iconic looks from the series that changed our wardrobes forever.

1. Blair Waldorf’s Headbands and Hair Bows

Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

Before Gossip Girl, I’m sure everyone will agree to me that wearing headbands especially hair bows are for the six-year-old and under set but Gossip Girl change that forever . The Queen Bee graces us with her presence episode after episode (at least for the first two seasons) with childlike hair adornments which eventually become a trend with 20-something girls. I stopped wearing headbands in fourth grade but because of Gossip Girl I started wearing again during my high school years throughout my early days as a college freshman. I don’t care who’s celebrity or hipster ad campaigns influenced you but the headbands and hair bows you’re wearing are made possible by the one, the only… Blair Waldorf.

2. Bright Tights

Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

Nowadays bright tights just seems not enough anymore  but our galaxy print, skeleton, graffiti, and other more graphic tights from Oasap and Romwe will not be possible, again, without Blair Waldorf. The girls of Constance, led by Queen B, treated their tights as accessories, often coordinating them with, what else?! Headbands! Before Gossip Girl, I was only aware of only three colors of stockings: Black for sophisticated business ladies, white for the little girls from the western countries and sheer for department store salesladies and according to Paris Hilton, women with no taste.

2. Chuck Bass’s Suits

Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

Before the Brant Brothers hit the internet mainstream, the master of colors and layering in menswear was none other than Chuck Bass. Though when he inherited the Bass industries, a more sophisticated, GQ approach to dressing came but still, as what I have read from a June 2010 issue of UK’s 10 Men magazine, menswear unlike in women’s, doesn’t evolve that much. Its lucky if something has been drastically change in a span of five years. Though after the first season of Gossip Girl I notice the flamboyant boys are no longer the only ones do layering and bright colors on their clothes, even the most simplest ones are jumping in the Chuck Bass style bandwagon. Probably thanks to their Gossip-Girl-obsess girlfriends.

4. Serena and Blair’s Paris Wardrobe

Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

This was when, Season 4 or was it 5? Whatever season it is, in my totally unbiased opinion, the single best fashion moment in Gossip Girl history was the first episode of Season 4 or 5 when these BFFs takeover Paris. B’s dreamy cherry print Moschino dress/beret combo was sweeter than any macaron from Ladurée while plunging herself with Parisian arts and literature and S looked gorgeous and (as always) totally overdressed for daytime in a glittery caged Georges Chakra confection while ‘mingling’ with every Parisian boy, whether an attractive artist or waiter (can’t blame her, just the accent are already sexy), she stumbled upon.

This episode has been an inspiration for girls from all-over the world on how they should spent their summer and shopping days with their BFFs. Just last Saturday, me and my friend did our Christmas shopping and guess what she said what we look like? S & B on their shoppinging spree in Paris! Though there was no Prince around pretending to be a commoner, only sore feet from walking in the biggest mall in Asia finding a good place to eat because everything was full.

3. Nate Archibald

Gossip Girl's Most Iconic Looks

I could make up something like, Nate’s transition from casual boy-next-door to debonair business man look was iconic but honestly speaking, his inclusion to this list has nothing to do with fashion. I’m just going to miss Chace Crawford lighting up the TV screen and my bedroom every week with his sultry blue eyes, messy blonde hair that you want to want to grab with both of your hands and his luscious lips that… FOCUS!

Nate always had the most throw-away love plots, unless your Serena or Blair, if you hook up with him it means your out next season or worst, on the second half of your current season. But on the upside, they got to make out with Chace Crawford. If Matt Bomer will not be Christian Grey I’m sooooo voting for Chace. Please, pretty please, make him take the role of the hot sadistic business dom man.

Since the very first episode of Gossip Girl I have been a Serena fan because of her care-free personality and effortless yet chic looks unlike Blair who is such a stuck-up b*tch, too controlling and matchy-matchy outfits. But as the series progress, it shows that the show’s fashion icon, without doubt, is Blair Waldorf. For the boys, I’ll give the Fashion Icon award to Chuck Bass but Nate Archibald got the Most Beautiful Face award.

Dan Humphrey, who?

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