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Bye Arm Parties, Hello Ear Cuffs!

Arm party is nearing to bid farewell, after all, trends come and go. This past spring/ summer 2013 fashion weeks around the world Ear Cuffs has been spotted almost everywhere even on blogosphere like Jak & Jil, Streetpepper and Manrepeller. So what does make this ear cuffs so interesting?

Actually, Ear cuffs has been around for a long time already. It wasn’t just trending like this huge before. Goths, punks, rock stars wore ear cuffs with cross and spikes almost with their every outfit, while bohemian hippies with long feathers and chains even Egyptians from before common era wore ear cuffs discovered through discovered mummified bodies. The only difference today are extra piercing on your ears is optional and ear cuffs are marketed nowadays with more edgy yet sophisticated designs like Topshop super spike ear cuffs and Spray Leaf Ear Cuffs so everyone, whatever your style or taste, could rock it out.
Below are some ear cuffs I find chic…
Ear Cuffs

What do you think of ear cuffs? Will you try to incorporate it some of your outfits?