I don’t really know the exact month when will 80’s style will be coming back but I’m pretty sure it will be after the pilot episode airing of the Sex & The City Prequel called the The Carrie Diaries. Once again Carrie Bradshaw will set trends and we all know how influential the characters on TV series are when it comes to fashion, remember HBO’s the original Sex & the City, The CW’s Gossip Girl and AMC’s Mad Men fashion phenomena. Exactly!
The Carrie Diaries is about the young Carrie Bradshaw in high school during the 80’s aka her pre-Manolo Blahnik days. Yesterday, a photo of AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw was released to the public.
Carrie Bradshaw of Carrie Diaries
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Her hair was crimped ’80s style, of course! And wearing green leopard-print cropped blazer and metallic silver dress like what Madonna used to wear pair in the 80’s with red Manolo Blahnik-ish heels or are those really Manolos? What do you think of AnnaSophia’s Carrie Bradshaw high school look?

Since I’m already predicting that 80’s style is coming back, below is a list of some stuff you may not want to throw away or must find before the trend fully arrive:

  1. Metallic Dresses like the Metallic Sweetheart Dress or Metallic Paisley & Tulle Dress both by Forever21
  2. Denim Jackets
  3. Denim Skirts
  4. Petticoat skirt in bold color or any ruffled skirt
  5. Neon Heels
So far it is only revealed that AnnaSophia Robb will be playing Carrie, the rest of the cast are still unknown. Anyway, for the sake of FYI, you may know AnnaSophia Robb by playing that very competitive girl who keeps chewing gums alongside Johnny Depp on Tim Burton’s movie adaptation of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.