I’m sure some of you already watched last week’s episode of Gossip Girl Season 5 which is also the 100th episode of the entire Gossip Girl TV series about the Royal Wedding of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) with Prince Loiuse Grimaldi of Monaco (Hugo Becker). I know this post is kinda late but after watching this week’s episode where  I saw Blair running in the streets with her gorgeous Vera Wang Wedding Dress I got the feeling that I have to blog it because it’s so damn lovely. We have to thank Vera Wang for that, she is a genius!
Note: To those who haven’t watched those 2 recent episodes yet, don’t worry I will not post a summary of what happened though I suggest that you avoid reading my last paragraph ’cause it’s a spoiler.
Gossip Girl Season 5 Royal Wedding | Blair Waldorf
This is the scene I’m referring to. Blair was running in the streets and the dress just look so damn lovely. Here is another photo of the dress to see how gorgeous it really is:
Gossip Girl Season 5 Royal Wedding | Blair Waldorf
The lace, the flow of the skirt, the cute ribbon accessorized with a tiara and those gorgeous white heels (on photo #1) are perfect! I’m sure every bride wants to look like this on their big day. Though, I am wondering what is the brand of those heels Blair was wearing. If you know please comment it below. Thanks!
But it’s not only Blair Waldorf’s wedding dress that was designed by Vera Wang. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor’s dresses are also by Vera Wang. It is surely is a dream wedding every girl wants.
Gossip Girl Season 5 Royal Wedding
Look how cute they all look and how lovely Serena van der Woodsen is. LOVE IT! I want those bridesmaid dress. I wonder if I could afford something almost like it from Sassa Jimenez’ S/S 2012 Circus Belles Collection. Ha ha, a girl could dream right?
The other Vera Wang wedding dress that Blair Waldorf used in her fitting in an earlier episode was also gorgeous.
Gossip Girl Season 5 Royal Wedding | Blair Waldorf | Vera Wang
I really like how the chiffon fabric was used in the skirt, there’s a lot of volume and very Princess-ish. I also love the embroidery on the top which makes it more interesting though honestly, I like the wedding dress Blair Waldorf actually used on her wedding day.
Okay, now that I am finished praising Vera Wang’s work…. I wonder, who really did send the video of Blair Waldorf’s confession of love to Chuck Bass before walking the aisle? If it’s not Chuck nor Serena, then it must be Dan Humphrey or Georgina Sparks. I have a huge feeling it’s Dan Humphrey even though it was revealed that Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl… My money is on Dan’s! Ha ha… What do you think? Who do you think did it? Dan or Georgina or if other, then who?