First of all I’m not talking about the “other” Kate who also got married this year… That is so last month! I’m talking about the only Kate the Great of London the legendary supermodel Kate Moss.

Finally the wedding photos from Kate Moss and Jamie Hince are out and it is really worth the wait! They’re all gorgeous, Mario Testino is a very admirable fashion photographer. I want to be his intern now. (Oh I wish!) Anyway, no more talking here are the much awaited photos I got from Vogue.  (Just FYI: There are 47 photos in Vogue, too many for a single post on my blog so I just choose my favorites but every photos are gorgeous. If you want to see it all just go visit Vogue)

“This Side of Paradise”
The newlyweds bring a bit of the Roaring ’20s to the bucolic English countryside.
On Kate: Rodarte paillette coat and beaded lace dress.
On Hince: Lanvin velvet blazer and Charvet cotton shirt.

“Days of Heaven”
Like Pre-Raphaelite visions in diaphanous silk and delicate eyelet petticoat dresses, angelic flower girls and bridesmaids (and a pageboy) encircle the bride.

Not only the bride, the bridesmaids, flower girls and that cute little boy who’s hugging Kate are so lovely. Their photo is a like taken from a fairy tale book.

Top row (standing), from left: Ella de la Falaise, Charlotte Moss, Mercy Magic Cutler, Bliss Ferguson, Lila Grace Moss, Etta Cutler Lindegren. Bottom row (sitting), from left: Blythe Ferguson, Alfie Watters, Elfie Ferguson, Stella Jones, Ava Jones, Kate Moss, Lara Birindelli, Iris Law, and Poppy Spaceman. On Moss: Calvin Klein Collection dress by Francisco Costa.
“Like Mother, Like Daughter”
Lila Grace and Kate recapture the early-’90s minimalist aesthetic of the black-and-white Calvin Klein campaigns that elevated Moss to supermodel status.

I will not be surprise if Lila will follow her mother’s footsteps but I’m sure she will make her own name in the industry.

“Like a Rolling Stone”
Jamie and Kate channel a modern-day Mick and Bianca Jagger, re-creating the couple’s 1971 backseat wedding portrait by royal photographer Lord Lichfield.
On Kate: Tom Ford velvet-and-fur coat. 
On Hince: Tom Ford red velvet jacket.
A path leading to the twelfth-century village church where the ceremony took place.

When I get married someday, I want it here too not only because Kate Moss got married here, also because the place is so simple yet very Romantic. So fairy tale-ish.

Lila minds Kate’s train… So cute!
Jude Law and Sadie Frost with their son Rafferty.

Enough crushing on the daddy now… lol… Junior inherited his good looks! ^^,

The six-tiered cake designed by Peggy Porschen.
A pageboy military jacket by Bill Bull.
Edwardian wicker in the garden.
Here are some of the never-before-seen photographs from the wedding
Take a deep breath and brace yourselves…
The bride with her matrons of honor. 
Top row, from left: Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Jess Hallett, Kate Moss, Rosemary Ferguson.  Bottom row, from left: Sadie Frost, Lucie de la Falaise.

Of course my favorite English designers Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are invited.

Christian Louboutin and Bella Freud.
Readying the tower for a round of toasts.

I really love Champagne towers… Actually this is my favorite part of weddings.

Lara Stone with her husband, David Walliams.
Sir Paul and Stella McCartney
Marianne Faithfull, Karen Elson, and Nick Knight.

Gosh! My favorite photographer, Nick Knight, is also invited… Well duuuh! It’s Supermodel Kate Moss’ wedding of course some of the world’s best photographers like him are invited.

Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs.
Cut crystal and garden roses at the dinner table.
The bridal party sets off in a convoy of vintage Rolls-Royces.
Kate with her bridesmaids and flower girls.
The bridesmaids’ Bonpoint dresses.
The dinner marquee décor.
Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino and Jude Law.

And here’s the man who shot some of the gorgeous photos we saw above, Mario Testino. One of my dreams is to learn fashion photography from him.

Kate’s wedding veil in her boudoir.
For more Kate Moss images, buy the September issue of Vogue.

I’ll definitely grab Vouge’s September 2011 issue! Not only because it’s about Kate the Great it is also consist of wedding photographs taken by Mario Testino.

I can’t wait! How about you?

Source: Vogue